Česky Německy Anglicky


The firm Doc fishing was established at the beginning of the year 2003 with the main aim; to offer the customers quality products for acceptable prices. The priority of our firm is to develop and manufacture our own assortment, where especially quite wide range of top quality fishing clothings dominates. Among the greatest hit belong fishermen´s sets made of a fine Japanese membrane and several sorts of fleece outfits with an excellent thermo-insulating qualities. These sets are suitable for various kinds of climatic conditions as well as for all kinds of sport fishing. We can offer a majority part of our collection in two colour designs - black/olive green and camouflage. The next field of our products we deal with consists of the items like bags, cases, organizers and other accessories for carp hunters. Most of these products are made of NYLON 1680 D - the material of an outstanding quality - which is not used, as far as we know, for those purposes in serial production by any reputable firm in Europe. The reason is obvious - rather high price of this material. These fishermen accessories are also offered mostly in two colour variations - green and camouflage.

Both of the main ranges of our products have been constantly expanded. One of the most important intention of ours is to innovate all used materials, designs and type diversity. We are convinced that it is mainly the customer who will most of all profit from our present business philosophy.

Zdenek Vasek